Corporate Identity

Exporter of spare parts of Japanese manufactures for various industries(plant) such as power generation & distribution, oil refinery, chemical plant, pulp & paper, steel mill, cement plant, marine and other industries all over the world.

Message from President

Our company, Kokusai Commerce Co., Ltd., was established in 1982.
From the experience in 1970, we started this company in order to supply required product from Japan to our clients in oversea countries.
We are very glad to feel the products made by our clients in the world and our Japanese manufacture are very useful for the modern society.
Our main business is service through export the product and supply of technical assistant from Japan.
Our after service for the clients must be provided timely and quickly to help smooth operation of equipment in stalled in our customer.
Our mission is to maximize our customer’s and partner’s satisfaction.


It is most important for our clients to maintain their equipment installed in their plant because they have responsibility to produce and supply the product for their society in the coutry.
We are in position to help both our clients and our Japanese makers.


We shall provide the required information and inquiry between our clients and Japanese Makers.
What we need is to supply solution and satisfaction which shall be based on our experience and intelligence.
There are many risk and unexpected accident in our business.
However, we have knowledge to avoid trouble and expedite our business Smoothly on behalf of our partners.


We believe our existence value is how we can contribute to industrial economy to all over the world.
We shall keep trying to improve our service without complacence.